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Hetalia: Hot In Herre :iconmissred-missused:missred-missused 0 0
France X Abused! Reader: Knight in Shining Armor
At first, he only came into the café for the coffee and crepes. When he continued to come back, it was for an entirely different reason.
A young woman always comes in on a sunny day and sits at the same table by the window, a book in one hand. She sits patiently until one of the waitresses can come over to welcome her and hand over the specials menu.
She always orders the same cappuccino but changes her mind daily on what to eat for dessert.
He finds himself looking forward to finding out what pastry she will like best from that day's selection.
Today is no different, she sits down and looks over her choices, he smiles as her eyes light up over her decision and she gives the waitress a sweet smile as she thanks her and then opens up her book to read while she waits.
"Every day you come in and moon over her without exchanging a single word, why don't you just go sit with her already?"
Blia, his usual waitress asks as she tops off his coffee.
He shakes his head as he attempts to exp
:iconmissred-missused:missred-missused 2 0
Mature content
2P! America X Rose: Chapter Lime :iconmissred-missused:missred-missused 0 0
DBZ Gohan X Reader: Goddess: Prologue
Old Kai grumbled to himself as he peered through the crystal ball at the images streaming past.
"Oh no...things will be getting interesting very soon."
"What will be interesting Ancestor?" Kibito Kai asked as he looked over Old Kai's shoulder at the crystal ball.
Old Kai fell over, yelling as he went. Recovering quickly, he then proceeded to berate his pupil for sneaking up on him. Once Old Kai had calmed down, he cleared his throat and turned back to the crystal ball.
"I'm sure you have begun to feel a coming change within the universe, right now it is faint but all too soon it will be here, and with this coming change, the end of the universe."
Kibito Kai opened his moth but shut it as Old Kai continued,
"All is not lost, the universe has decided to gift us with the one thing that can help save it. A Goddess has been born."
This time, Kibito Kai did interrupt.
"Ancestor, this is the first time I've ever heard about a Goddess. Who or what is it?"
Old kai answered, "A Goddess is a youn
:iconmissred-missused:missred-missused 13 2
Fairy Tail: Ezilia VS Erza
Erza stared at me with a blank expression before she began to smile.
"If it's my approval you're after, you have it... On one condition."
I paused my jumping for joy to stare at my sister, suspicion creeping into my gut.
"We must have a battle, between you and me."
I sighed before giving her a wry grin,
"I figured you would say that... when?"
Determination coursed through my being, I would show her what I was made of!
"Why not right now?" Erza asked.
I started to nod before realizing something.
"Wait! We can't fight in town, we'll destroy the place. Remember last time?" I asked her and watched as she blanched before recovering.
The time I spoke of was the last time I had seen Erza, we had decided to train in an open field to keep the damage to a minimum but when all was said and done... the place was destroyed.
"Alright then, we'll go outside of town. Follow me." Erza commanded, leaving the guild.
A while later we were a safe distance from Magnolia but now I had another problem to deal
:iconmissred-missused:missred-missused 0 0
Fairytail: Ezilia's Beginning
My name is Ezilia Scarlet, you may have recognized my last name because of my older sister. Erza Scarlet, she's my big sister and a famous wizard from Fairy Tail! We're not actually related but our bond is still strong.
I don't remember most of my childhood... the only thing I remember is the day Erza found me. She took me under her wing and became my role model as well as my big sister, since she's been so busy with her guild, I haven't seen her in years but we still communicate when we can.
Since she's been gone, I've used the time apart to train and become someone that she can rely on. Now that I'm older, I think it's time for me to make myself known in the world of wizards as the Ice Dragon Slayer!
After a very long and exhausting trip, I finally made it to Magnolia! Now all I have to do is find the Fairy Tail guild and my sister!
I ended up getting lost... but a nice little boy helped me out, he showed me the way and chatted with me as we went. Apparently his father is also a memb
:iconmissred-missused:missred-missused 1 0
Mature content
2P! America X Rose: Chapter afar :iconmissred-missused:missred-missused 1 0
Mature content
Hetalia X Reader: Pornstar Dancing Song Fic :iconmissred-missused:missred-missused 5 2
Mature content
Hetalia: America X CIA Reader Chapter Two :iconmissred-missused:missred-missused 1 0
Super Mario Galaxy Rosalina X Reader
 The illness had set upon him quickly, starting with a tickle in his throat before becoming a full blown flu that refused to go away. Waves of dizziness and nausea crashed through _____'s body, doubling his vision and obscuring  the path ahead of him which was already becoming part of the shadows as the sun slowly sank behind the horizon. With the odds set against him, there was no way to know that only a few feet ahead was the mouth of a cannon.
A shout escaped him as the ground seemingly swallowed him whole before spitting him back out and into space. _____ Flew through space, admiring the colorful falling starbits and comets as he passed them.
How long can I keep going? He thought with mild panic before noticing a large ship of some sort ahead of him. With no way of slowing down, ____ closed his eyes and braced for impact.
Whatever he hit gave way with a crash, sending him down into a surprisingly soft landing. He was expecting to hit the floor but
:iconmissred-missused:missred-missused 2 2
Mature content
Romano X Reader: Missing You Chapter 2 :iconmissred-missused:missred-missused 1 0
Romano X Reader: Missing You
The glass shattered like a bomb, spraying shards of glass and wine everywhere, and still he didn't feel better.
Nothing was right anymore. Since she had left, it was like a black hole of rage had taken the place of his heart and nothing could fill the void. He constantly checked his phone, hoping to see her sweet face appear on his screen, to hear her melodious voice would be enough to soothe him for the moment.
Anything from her would help at this point, at least it might keep him from drinking himself to death.
A quiet knock sounded from the door which opened to allow a head to poke through, Antonio looked worriedly at him, his eyes traveling from the mess on the side of the wall back to Romano who refused to acknowledge he was even there.
"Hey Romano, think you'll go outside today?" He asked, attempting to keep the worry from his voice and failing.
Romano craned his neck to look at Antonio, his eyes vague and distant.
"No, I'm just going to stay here."
Antonio nodded his head and sh
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Mature content
Romano X Reader: Road Rage :iconmissred-missused:missred-missused 2 0
Mature content
Hetalia X Reader: My apocolypse :iconmissred-missused:missred-missused 1 0
Mature content
2P! America and Rose: Chapter Tri :iconmissred-missused:missred-missused 0 0
Mature content
2P! America and Rose: Chapter Duece :iconmissred-missused:missred-missused 0 0


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Engaged!2p!America x Reader-My Mr. Right Pt.8-END
Engaged!2p!America x Reader-My Mr. Right Pt.8-END
Clarity wasn’t at the house today at all and that’s the main reason Al invited you over. This way she wouldn’t catch the two of you. So when you entered the giant house, Al immediately started pulling you towards his room. He smirked while you giggled happily. Still you didn’t know why you continued to be in this secret affair with him. You were just happy with him and you surprisingly cared a lot about Clarity and keeping this new friendship with her. But you didn’t know how she would react if you coughed up the truth.
Rushing inside the room, he closes the door behind him and quickly pulls you into a kiss. Grinning in the kiss, you wrap your arms and his neck. Al picked your legs up and placed them around his waist. The kiss didn’t break for one second as he walked towards his bed. Finally he reached the bed and dropped you onto the bouncy cushions. Blushing bright red, you watch him crawl on top of
:icondina-soar:Dina-soar 39 23
Mature content
Engaged!2p!America x Reader-My Mr. Right Pt.5 :icondina-soar:Dina-soar 31 20



Hey guys! It's been quite a while since I was last on and I just wanted to let you know that I'm currently working on several new chapters but until my internet problems are sorted out, I will be on hiatus. Thanks for reading my stuff!
I just have to say it, I'm in a slump. I just don't have the will to continue on some of my stories right now so I figured a way to maybe get away from that frustration is to take requests!

I really enjoyed working on the Rosalina X Reader that Heavier-Lobster had requested because it was different from what I have been writing and plus it's always fun to write about a character that you have to research or just don't know as much about, so for anyone who reads this, send me a note if there's something you would like me to write!

Thanks for reading my crap and all that!

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I love all things Disney and Tim Burton along with well a whole butt load of things. Anime helped to make me who I am today and art has always been a part of my life. I've quit drawing other than to doodle (I'm just not as good as I once was...) so this will mainly be for stories and fanfics. Anything else... well just ask me haha I don't bite...hard ;)


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